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Occupational Therapy

At Thera-Play Pediatrics, we offer pediatric occupational therapy to treat children for a wide range of issues that affect their daily lives. Our experienced occupational therapists are dedicated to helping children work on functional skills, self-care, feeding, sensory integration, and more. With clinics in Springdale and Fort Smith, AR, we can develop a personalized treatment plan for your child.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy in Springdale & Fort Smith, AR

Occupational Therapy Addresses…

Common occupational therapy issues involve sensory processing and regulation problems, motor coordination difficulties, feeding and eating concerns, and challenges with planning and organization. Occupational therapy may be beneficial if your child displays any of the following:

  • Developmental milestones
  • Visual motor skills (ie. cutting, coloring, drawing, etc)
  • Grasp and in-hand manipulation
  • Bilateral coordination
  • Upper extremity flexibility and strength
  • Handwriting
  • Developmentally appropriate play skills
  • Motor planning
  • Modulation (hypo/hyper activity)
  • Feeding (problem eater, picky eater, etc)
  • Activities of daily living (dressing, eating, grooming, toileting)
  • Instrumental Activities of daily living (preparing meals, using telephone, safety plan, simple housekeeping)

After a thorough evaluation, we’ll develop a plan to work with your child and reduce or eliminate the problem behaviors.

How Occupational Therapy Can Make a Difference

Below are some changes parents often see in their children with occupational therapy.

  • Improved self-regulation, less tantrums & meltdowns
  • Easier time falling asleep & staying asleep
  • Ability to get dressed in the morning without fights & tears
  • No distress with tooth brushing, hair washing, or nail cutting
  • Tolerates sounds such as a vacuum cleaner without distress
  • Enters a new situation without fear & anxiety
  • Success at birthday parties, going to the grocery store, or a movie
  • Desire to participate in family outings & recreational sports
  • Being able to sit, without constantly needing to bounce & move
  • New skills, such as riding a bicycle or pumping a swing independently
  • Can swing on a playground swing or climb a jungle gym without fear
  • Moves safely through the environment without crashing into things
  • Able to participate in a gymnastics, swimming, or music class
  • Plays successfully with other kids on the playground & in class
  • Enjoys arts & crafts, coloring & drawing
  • Ability to sit throughout family mealtimes
  • Uses a spoon or a fork for an entire meal
  • Increased food repertoire, decreased drooling
  • Increased success at school, comes home excited about the day
  • Develops flexibility, meets a change of plans with a positive attitude
  • Transitions from a preferred activity without a fight
  • More success & independence in daily routines
  • Follows directions without needing them repeated or demonstrated
  • Learns to tie shoes & manipulate fasteners independently
  • Writes letters & numbers without reversals
  • Less frustration & better organization with homework
  • Keeps up with the other kids in gym class
  • Has successful play dates
  • Increased self esteem & confidence
  • Develops an “I can” attitude

Occupational Therapy Methods

Ther-Play Pediatrics is proud to have a skilled therapist trained and certified in numerous treatment strategies on staff. We understand that no two children are alike — which is why we customize treatment accordingly.

Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT)

Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) is a method of upper extremity rehabilitation for children with neuromotor impairments or who have difficulty using one arm or hand. It involves constraint of the non-affected upper extremity in combination with intensive therapy. By limiting use of the better arm by wearing a constraint, this technique allows for intensive practice of the weaker arm to increase range of motion, strength, and coordination.

Therapeutic Listening

Therapeutic Listening is a treatment approach that combines sound-based intervention with sensory integrative treatment techniques. It incorporates auditory stimulation, through enhanced and specially recorded music, to access the nervous system and stimulate areas of the brain used in listening and processing sensory information. This method is used in combination with additional sensory integrative activities to help children achieve personal goals and skills.

Occupational Therapy in Springdale & Fort Smith, AR

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